We have selected a square measuring 20×20 for the base price of calculation, which corresponds to a square of 20×20 threads on any canvas, as visible on Fig.1

1 conventional square of 20×20 characters on embroidery scheme - 0,5 €.

For example, the scheme for embroidering the tapestry "By the Birch" consists of 150×200 characters, which corresponds to 75 full conditional squares. Scheme for embroidering a tapestry of this size will cost 37,5 €.


In special orders, where the background is embroidered with applied technique 1:4, the surface area of the embroidery increases in 4 times. This means that the conditional square of the background with dimensions 10x10 symbols of the scheme corresponds to a square of 20×20 threads, as visible on Fig.2


When there are large portions of the tapestry that use only one color,
we will consider discounting the price.

For example the scheme for embroidering the gobelin "Young Family" in our site's GALLERY contains 320×220 symbols, which corresponds to 176 full conditional squares.

Price: 176 x 0,5€ = 88€;

Discount: 8€;

Total price: 80€.