Here we go to help you thoroughly enjoy embroidering tapestries created from photographs of your family photo album or your original drawings: I, Lyudmila Savova, and my son, Noncho Savov. I graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Leningrad State University in St. Petersburg in 1981, and my son graduated in sculpture from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 2006. My job activity was related to design work.

I have more than 30 years experience with this wonderful hobby. I have embroidered tapestries such as “Mona Lisa” (La Gioconda) by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin, “Pinkie” by Thomas Lawrence, “Lady-Rider” by Carl Bryulov and lesser known - “Forest Chapel”, “Flora”, “Girl with Hat”, “Sunny Day in May”, “Three Kittens”, “Mosquito” by Boris Vallejo and many others. In recent years I got into developing tapestries on my own. My son Noncho helped me a lot with his specific knowledge of art and software development.

Now we are happy to show you some of our own projects, which we presented in the Gallery section. We hope that this “trip” will be enjoyable for you. We want to share with you our satisfaction of the results and to offer you a great opportunity to diversify your collections of tapestries with things of this nature.